Dry Fruit Sweets

The use of Dry Fruits in sweets has been a tradition for decades. And of course, we at Adyar Ananda Bhavan ensure that we offer the best tasting Dry Fruit sweets for our customers. Healthy and tasty, Dry Fruit sweets are a popular choice amongst many! We offer a variety of these sweets like Badam Halwa, Dry Fruit Halwa, Fruit Halwa and our Special Dry fruit Laddu.

Badam Halwa

Dry Fruit Halwa

Special Laddu

Fruit Halwa

We source only the highest quality dry fruits to make these sweets. We are passionate about ensuring that we give the utmost importance to quality which never fails to deliver only the best tasting sweets to our customers. Our well-trained staff coupled with modern technology and the use of the best quality ingredients is what makes our sweets uniquely delicious! The constant support from our customers is what drives us to do better!

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